CynjaTech is a Washington, DC based company that has developed proprietary technology that allows users to securely share information in a permission-only environment, and with revolutionary security. The company’s first product is an app for families and children called CynjaSpace, which gives families layered, easy-to-use guardian controls, allowing kids of all ages to participate safely in their digital lives, and explore all that the internet has to offer – safely.  With roots deep in digital privacy, CynjaTech now continues to grow in the new world of privacy and identity. The platform that once ran an app for families, has grown beyond its origins, and is a powerful tool in the environment of GDPR and safe, permissioned data sharing. The platform is adaptable and scalable and with well-developed and tested guardianship controls, CynjaTech is able to offer a robust technology stack that can revolutionize efficiency, privacy, and security.

First FundJon Eslinger