Shoptelligence is the first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Style Discovery Platform for retailers. It allows retailers to merchandise their full assortment to shoppers, resulting in increased revenue per session of 2-5% by increasing Average Order Value (AOV) of consumers who engage with Shoptelligence by 30-80% (as demonstrated through tests of cross-category suggestions in e-commerce). In dynamically and automatically creating cross category ensembles (e.g. apparel: outfits, home: room décor), Shoptelligence tailors ensembles recommendations to each shopper’s style, context and objectives, helping shoppers discover and purchase items across categories.

Shoptelligence is an easy to-integrate web service that embeds into clients’ systems. Because it only requires the retailer’s existing product catalog to work, it can integrate with any retailer in our verticals. It can also be leveraged across a retailer’s channels, including eCommerce, email, in store solutions (e.g. intelligent fitting rooms, sales associate tools, kiosks), as well as emerging experiences such as augmented reality and chat bots.

Tabbatha Plomaritas